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Welcome to Donkey Business Coach Academy

Welcome to Donkey Business Coach Academy, where we specialize in transferring successful donkey farming experiences to aspiring entrepreneurs. Our academy offers professional training designed to develop and support profitable donkey enterprises. Join us to learn from experts in the field and gain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the donkey farming industry.

About Our Coach

Raju Joseph, a successful coach and founder of an organisation working in the region for a period of 25 years, took the initiative to facilitate the farmers' formation of a farmers’ company of their own. 1052 capacity training programmes. This was successfully completed by 1,000+ farmers to help them with sustainable agriculture. This resulted in a fivefold increase in their income. Provide consulting for impact and evaluation, governance, strategy, innovation, and quality standards for 100+ volunteer organisations.

I've chosen to leave my employment and focus on developing my own business since 1995. Some of them succeeded, while others failed. But since the year 2014, I've been banging it with various enterprises, and I've been very upfront about all the ups and downs along the path. Numerous revenue streams, such as physical product sales, digital product development, coaching, consulting, and more, have brought in several crores for me. So stay with me, and I will offer you helpful guidance. So let's get started!

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At Donkey Business Coach Academy, we pride ourselves on being the best academy for learning everything you need to know about donkeys. Our expert-led programs cover all aspects of donkey care, from grooming and nutrition to behavior and health management.

Join us and embark on a journey towards becoming a skilled and successful donkey entrepreneur.

  • 100% Trusted Training Program
  • Ideal for Young Entreprenuers
  • Get full Guidance from start to set up
  • Friendly Environment & Expert Coach

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Hear the Real Experience

selva kumarselva kumar
09:08 25 May 24
A good time to visit Aindhinai farm, learning a lot of information about donkeys and donkeys products.
Naga KishoreNaga Kishore
06:07 23 May 24
Great experience
Mounika RMounika R
05:59 23 May 24
Very interesting fact.......and amazing donkey products, organic liquid fertilizer..
Lokesh LokeshLokesh Lokesh
05:53 23 May 24
Good experience 👍👏👏
Sanjay SuryaSanjay Surya
05:50 23 May 24
Good and l've had learnt lot of information about donkey farming.Nice experience.
05:38 23 May 24
It was a wonderful experience and gained ideas about panjakavyam,meen amilamThank you😌
Latha SubramaniyanLatha Subramaniyan
05:37 23 May 24
I know about the donkey farm and itsbyproducts... Very interesting.. It was a good experience...
Santhose RSanthose R
03:48 16 May 24
Such an wonderful experience in the farm. Well maintained donkeys and products were impressive.
Omprakash ManoOmprakash Mano
09:11 24 Dec 22
Today I visited Ainthinai Donkey Farm ( 24.12.2022). The day spent very well and purposeful. I have been roaming around the farm since 6.00a.m.I milked the donkeys and tasted it. Feeding morning food to the donkeys. then went to the grazing field to observe ,how the donkeys roam around for food.Later i interact with Raju sir,.. he gave lot of suggestions and guided how to start with small investment. We discussed about the value added products. Promotion and other commercial details.Thank you very much sir for the wonderful learning experience...

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